Photinia Red Robin

Photinia Red Robin is a fast growing and dense evergreen hedge that grows up to 5 metres tall with distinct glossy green leaves, white flowers and young red shoots.

Photinia Red Robin make a great hedge

Due to the dense habit of this species, it is ideally used as a hedging plant when pruned, although can also be used to screen or act as a wind break if it hasn’t been pruned.

This plant has a tolerance of a wide range of growing conditions therefore will grow well in full sun with drained but moist soil – however will only tolerate a medium frost. There is also a chance that the plant may attract black spot and/or scale.

What should I feed my Photinia Red Robin?

The best time to fertilise is towards the end of the cooler season and into the warmer season which will give it the chance to promote new growth of foliage. It is best to feed your plant with a fertiliser that has a high concentration of Phosphorus however any fertiliser will be appropriate to use to tend to the basic needs of the plant.

Height: 1-3m

Width: 80cm-1.2m

Foliage: Features bright red, glossy leaves before maturing to dark green, glossy leaves – It is not dense, therefore will have some movement with breeze

Flowers: Blossoming in Spring, they are dull white in colour and very small – they do not have a nice fragrance

Planting requirements: Place in full to part-shade in a fertile, moist and well-drained soil

Uses: Hedging

Care: Prune regularly to promote more dense, red foliage – fertilise during the Summer with a slow-release fertiliser