Murraya Paniculata

Murraya paniculata is a popular, steady growing plant that grows to over 2 metres tall. It is distinguished by its lush green foliage and lime green coloured new growth, featuring white flowers towards the end of Spring with a sweet fragrance of orange blossom.

Where should I plant my Murraya paniculata?

Due to the full and dense nature of these plants, it is commonly used as a hedging plant as it is easy to keep in shape.

This plant will thrive in soils that are free drained however will essentially need additional water during the dryer seasons. It will tolerate mild cold although is best suited to warmer climates such as Sydney and Queensland as it is sensitive to frost. In regards to pests and diseases, this plant may attract the occasional borer and aphids.

What should I feed my Murraya paniculata?

It is beneficial that these plants are fertilised in Spring with a slow release fertiliser and should be enriched with waste such as compost or manure.

Murraya paniculata 300mm
Murraya paniculata 300mm at Downes Wholesale Nursery

Height: 1-2.5m

Width: 80cm-1.2m

Foliage: Deep and lime green, small-medium sized foliage

Flowers: Small, white flowers with a strong orange blossom scent

Planting requirements: Best suited to warm climates such as Sydney to Perth and areas up north, in a well-drained soil that is enriched with organic matter

Uses: Hedging – for privacy screening

Care: Requires pruning 2-3 times annually in Spring through to Summer and then a last prune after flowering in Autumn