Lomandra Verday

Lomandra Verday is a popular, widely sourced grass that is mainly used for landscaping jobs due to their strong nature, drought resistance and disease resistance. The main features of this plant are the slightly weeping, medium green, dense foliage that produces light yellow and maroon coloured flowers with small spikes.

Where should I plant my Lomandra verday?

Lomandra Verday is commonly used as a ground covering plant in places such as playgrounds and roadsides due to the weeping, dense foliage.

Lomandra Verday will thrive in conditions that are temperate and cool in a mildly acidic soil that is well drained but will also tolerate semi-arid conditions. This plant will blossom through Spring and into the Summer. Pests and diseases are not seen to be a major issue.

What should I feed my Lomandra verday?

Lomandra Verday at Downes Nursery
Lomandra Verday at Downes Nursery

This plant requires to be fertilised with a complete-controlled release fertiliser to maintain this plants unique qualities.

Height: 50cm

Width: 60cm

Foliage: Semi-upright/weeping, green with dense foliage

Flowers: Yellow and maroon coloured flowers produced in Spring through to Summer

Planting requirements: Prefers mildly aciditic to neutral soils that are well-drained in full sun to part-shade

Uses: Playgrounds, roadsides and mass-plantings

Care: Needs fertilising with a slow-release fertiliser in Spring and cut back every three years