Lomandra longifolia

Lomandra longifolia, Mat Rush is a hardy landscape plant

With many applications from commercial to domestic gardens. It makes a great filler plant with very low maintenance,  Lomandra longifolia can grow in a wide range of conditions including sandy soils, swamps, sides of creeks, rocky hillsides, cliffs and open forests.

Lomandra longifolia was also used by the Aboriginal people of Australia to make strong basket and nets for fishing. The base of the plant is also a edible bush tucker food.

Height: 40-80 centimeters long

Width: 8mm-12mm

Foliage: Large strappy leafed plant with green to bluish green foliage.

Flowers: Yellow perfumed flowers in Spring & Summer.

Planting requirements:

Trim foliage in spring by half every 3 to 5 years, or as needed. Annual trimming can give a topiary effect which looks great. Fertilise after trimming. Be careful when re-mulching and don’t over water.


One of the best river or creek bank stabilisers available; it is also of high wildlife value as a shelter for ground fauna and for nectar


Trim foliage in spring by half every 3-5 years, feed with a slow release fertiliser late winter early spring.