Dianella Streetscape

The Best Dianella from Townsville to Hobart!

If you are like me and thought the last thing the world needs is another Dianella, well you are wrong on this one! We have been growing
Dianella Streetscape from Sprint Horticulture for a while now and I am going to call it, this is the best Dianella I have ever seen! Big call I know.


There are several reasons for this:

Foliage: I love the foliage on this plant it as it has a softer feel and appearance compared to other Dianella species and remains full to the ground.

Disease resistance and hardiness: Despite excessive heat, rain, humidity and dry weather during the period we have been growing it in, I have never seen a sick one. You can see in the image across the bed that they all look the same. Dianella Streetscape has been grown and tested from Townsville to Hobart and thrives everywhere in between.

Vigour: The hybrid vigour of Dianella Streetscape is demonstrated by its strong root system, which according to observations has grown roots faster than other Dianella.

Uniformity: Dianella Streetscape has a very neat and uniform habit and remains full to the ground.


Dianella Streetscape will grow to 50cm wide by 60cm high, making it ideal for low mass plantings. This can be planted as borders next to pathways, driveways, in courtyards or wherever a low growing variety is required.

The DESIGN EDGE® series of grasses from Sprint Horticulture are well suited to landscape projects. Their ability to tolerate dry conditions and their heat and cold hardiness make them a reliable performer.

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The tough solution:
The images show Dianella Streetscape inter planted with Gazania Dynamo in streetscape plantings by Shoalhaven City Council. You can see in the pictures that despite the heavy traffic along the Pacific Highway, pollution has had no negative effect on them.

Best growing conditions:
Dianella Hybrid Streetscape is the result of breeding a Cape York Dianella species with Dianella Caerulea. The geographical tolerances of the parent species are inbuilt in the Dianella Streetscape enabling it to cope with a wide range of temperature, humidity and soil types.

By Warren Downes

Height: 30-60cm

Width: 30-60cm

Foliage: Green, strappy foliage that is tidy and clumping

Flowers: Produces a blue flower

Planting requirements: Plant in any soil but it must be well-drained, in full sun to semi-shade

Uses: Bordering pathways, driveways or in a place where low-growing plants are required

Care: Use a slow-release fertiliser during Spring and water for up to 13 weeks until established – do not overwater