Dianella Stampede and Lomandra tilga

Downes Wholesale Nursery has plenty of new varieties of plants coming through. Below are a few of my favourites that are looking awesome at the moment.

Lomandra Confertifolia Tilga

Lomandra Tilga is a very vigorous narrow leafed Lomandra that develops a graceful weeping habit as it matures. Its foliage is very soft to touch – making it great for high traffic areas and safe for little eyes.

These characteristics make Tilga a dependable selection for large scale plantings either in rows beside roadways or in parks and gardens.

Lomandra Tilga grows to 70cm tall x 40-50cm wide.

Lomandra confertifolia Tilga

Lomandra Confertifolia Rubiginosa Crackerjack

A cracker of a variety!

Lomandra Crackerjack exhibits a strong but graceful presence in the landscape. Its fine leaves have a fresh maintained appearance all year round.

The fine leaves of Crackerjack sway gracefully in the wind, which creates the feeling of a soft wispy element contrasting perfectly with hard paved surfaces. New seasons growth is blue, maturing to green with age. With flowers positioned deep in the foliage it is well suited to high pedestrian areas and is child friendly as there is little danger from getting spiked by drying flowers.

Lomandra Crackerjack grows to 45cm tall x 1m wide.

Lomandra confertifolia rubiginosa Crackerjack

Dianella Caerulea Stampede

Dianella Stampede is a gorgeous compact form of Caerulea growing to 35cm-45cm tall. It’s extremely drought tolerant – making it suitable for a wide range of solutions from garden edges, Balinese gardens to mass planting in roadside gardens.

The foliage is very dense making it a great little border plant. It’s tough when tolerating abuse from pedestrians.

Dianella Stampede has a lovely blue flower in Spring and we now have good numbers available. Get in fast as demand is increasing!

Dianella caerulea Stampede

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By Warren Downes