Acmena smithii Sublime ‘DOW30’

Acmena smithii Sublime ‘DOW30’ PBR is a lovely form of Acmena smithii

Acmena Sublime ‘DOW30’ pbr makes a great hedge

And features refreshing luscious lime green growth. It grows to approximately 5m tall by 2-3m wide with a thick and compact habit.

Acmena smithii Sublime ‘DOW30’pbr has dense foliage and is best featured as a hedging, screening, topiary or garden plant where clusters of fluffy white flowers appear during the warmer seasons. The flowers then develop into a deep mauve berry (these are edible) which give an excellent contrast against the white foliage. These attractive features will lure birds to your garden.

Acmena smithii sublime
Acmena smithii sublime at Downes Wholesale Nursery

Acmena smithii Sublime ‘DOW30’pbr tolerates a wide range of weather conditions including seaside gardens and cold climates with light frost and are Psyllid resistant.

The best way to look after Acmena smithii Sublime ‘DOW30’pbr is by firstly planting it in a well-mulched garden then watering it for 8-13 weeks until plant is well-established. It is also recommended that it is fertilised in Spring.