Acmena Smithii Minor

Acmena smithii minor is a form of Acmena smithii and is a medium size shrub that grows between 4-6 metres tall which will become hardy once established. It has distinct deep green foliage with bronze coloured new growth as well as purple berries and white flowers if untrimmed.

Where should I plant my Acmena smithii minor?

Due to the dense foliage of the plant, it can be used ideally for formal or informal hedge. You can encourage new growth by trimming twice a year.

It will thrive in fertile, moist soils that are drained well and mulched to obtain moisture for the warmer seasons. It will also tolerate some light frost during the cooler seasons. This plant will attract birds and is Psyllid resistant.

What should I feed my Acmena smithii minor?

It is essential that this plant is regularly fed with organic or all purpose fertiliser which will ensure that your plant thrives to its capacity.

Height: 4-10m

Width: 2-4m

Foliage: The leaves are a dark green, glossy texture with bronze new growth with a dense nature

Flowers: The flowers are small and cream in colour – producing a pink and purple fruits that can be made into jelly

Planting requirements: Best suited to full-sun and part-shade in a sandy and well-drained soil

Uses: Topiary or tight hedging

Care: Regular watering during the establishing period