A hardy evergreen compact upright feature tree growing to 4-6m. Magnolia Teddy Bear grows optimally in a full sun position in loam or sandy, well-drained soil.

Once established, will endure heat and low levels of frost.

Height: 4-6m

Width: 2-4m

Foliage: The leaves are small cup-shaped glossy dark green on top with a soft furry copper underside.

Flowers: Produces large fragrant white flowers in the warmer months from late spring through to autumn.

Planting requirements:

Prefers a full sun position in a loamy, sandy, well-drained soils.


Great feature tree in any size garden. Can also be hedged or espaliered.


When established Magnolia Teddy Bear will require very little care.  Water well during hot weather. Regularly fertilise with a quality slow release fertiliser. During the warmer months Scale and Mealy bug may present on the underside of the leaves and on the stems.


Easy to grow

Attractive glossy dark green leaves with a copper underside

Large fragrant flowers

Beautiful feature tree or hedge