Magnolia Little Gem is a lovely tree with beautiful white scented saucer shaped flowers from an early age.

A nice compact tree with dense foliage, it is a consistently solid performer in the landscape. Magnolia little gem features sweetly scented flowers and glossy foliage making it ideal as a screen or a feature plant in your garden.

Height: 5 metres

Width: 2.5 metres wide

Foliage:  classic glossy, deep green colour with a furry brown underside

Flowers: Large white perfumed flowers shiny green leaves

Planting requirements:

Performs best in part shade, tolerates polluted city atmospheres. Magnolias require organic, well-drained soils with summer irrigation for success.


Works well for smaller yards and in lawns, near decks and patios, in planters or as a privacy screen or hedge.


All magnolias need daily watering after planting and weekly supplemental watering for the first couple of seasons. Fertilize in spring with a slow release fertiliser, dynamic lifter also work well in early spring.