Our new 145 Acre nursery is under construction at Theresa Park and is progressing well!

Our new site is located at Theresa Park in the beautiful Macarthur region in Western Sydney.

All major earthworks have now been completed and most of the large structures have been erected. This includes a 4 acre shadehouse with various levels of shade ranging from 30% to 80% to cater for a range of plants and stages of hardening off.

We are building a 40m long, state-of-the-art greenhouse for propagation which is fitted with stirring fans, Svensson thermal screens, vents, high pressure fogging and bench heating which are all tied together by a single controller that can monitor temperature, humidity and light levels. Adjustments can be made where necessary to keep the environment where it is required.

For our indoor range of plants we have constructed a large 72m x 15m shed which has come to be known as “The Hanger”. When you see it you will know why. Every forth panel has been replaced with a clear panel for light and insulation which will be added to keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

A Chlorine injection system has been added to the pump station. We have chosen the Buccaneer Chlorine Generator which uses Calcium Hypochlorite rather than pool Chlorine which is Sodium Hypochlorite. The Calcium Hypochlorite does not affect ph levels like pool Chlorine. Chlorine greatly reduces the risk of bacteria, algae and fungus building up inside the pipes and also on the plants. Chlorine also has the advantage that it dissipates shortly after leaving the sprinkler heads so that no build up will occur in dams and wetland areas.

Our large wetlands area is also ready to be planted out. Several weirs have been constructed along a large swale, which will allow sediment to settle. Baumea articulata, which prefer deeper water, will be planted here to help filter and purify the water. It is also a low maintenance species which is great for striping energy out of the water, preventing erosion especially for dam banks in strong wind which can be eroded by wave action. It will also provide an excellent habitat for wildlife. Other species like Juncus Usitatus and Carex spp will also be planted out depending on water depth.

Several kilometres of 200mm & 150mm mainline pipe for irrigation has also been laid. Concrete thrust blocks have been placed at all major pipe junctions to prevent blow outs from surges in the system and air release valves have also been placed at high points to relieve air vacuums which can lead to pipe collapse, water hammer and back siphoning in the system.