Michelia Alba and Michelia Maudiae


.: Last Seen at Downes Wholesale Nursery :.
Michelia Alba: aka White Champaca,
aka White Sandalwood

The flower extract is WANTED by some of the world’s most expensive perfume companies.
It has now been found hiding out with its partner.

Michelia Maudiae at Downes Wholesale Nursery.

Michelia Alba: Grown for its exotic and beautifully fragrant flowers, a medium sized tree at 8-10m tall. It will flower on and off throughout the year with healthy specimens flowering year round. This tree is simply gorgeous with a beautiful perfume that will enchant your garden.

Michelia Maudiae: This evergreen tree mesmerizes everyone who has seen it, especially in bloom. The large, dark green leaves enhance the large, white, intensely-fragrant blossoms that cover it in the spring. It will grow to 6m tall in sunlight with adequate moisture or in semi-shade. The fragrance of a single blossom will perfume an entire room.

Michelia Alba
Michelia Maudiae

Exterior Landscapes Win Silver Award at “Sydney in Bloom with plants from Downes Wholesale Nursery. The stand featured some amazing water features and a beautiful hedge of Elaeocarpus Eumundii that attracted lots of attention.

Exterior landscapes is one of Sydney’s premier residential landscapers with projects in all areas of Sydney. Led by Mathew O’Brien, Exterior also went on to win a Gold and Bronze award both for Projects designed by Jamie Durie.

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