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145 Acre Super Nursery at Theresa Park in Sydney's west approx 30min from the M5 motorway, check out our newsletter section for more information

Established since 1984, Downes Wholesale Nursery Sydney has grown to become one of the largest wholesale plant suppliers to the landscape industry. With over 1 Million plants at our 3 nurseries covering over 100 acres at our Sydney and Northern NSW locations Downes Wholesale Nursery can supply you with any plant species you require.

We offer a variety of sun hardy Australian natives plants and exotic, trees, shrubs, groundcover's and perennials from semi advanced through to super advanced and semi-mature stock.

We specialise in large quantity orders and we have room to accommodate both specialist growing and advanced orders for your landscaping needs. Meaning we can raise your plants several months before you are ready to plant.

Downes Wholesale are about quality. We pride ourselves on service and quality, We believe we are unmatched in this department.

We deliver to Sydney Daily, Newcastle, Central Coast, several times weekly.

downes nursery on youtube Check out the 2nd episode of our YouTube Channel, Featuring a tour of our propagation facility, plant facts and new plant species like Lomandra tilga

dianella streetscape

Dianella Streetscape the best Dianella from Townsville to Hobart

We have been growing Dianella Streetscape from Sprint Horticulture for a while now and I am going to call it, this is the best Dianella i have ever seen!! Big call I know.

Dianella Streetscape™ will grow 50cm wide by 60cm high making it ideal for low mass plantings Click here for the full story

syzygium leaf psyllidOne of the most common pests affecting Syzygium species is the Pimple psyllid (Trioza eugeniae)

The adults are small sap sucking insects about 2-4mm long (pictured). After mating the female psyllid inserts yellow oval shaped egg into the edge of new leaves. Small nymphs hatch from the eggs and move to the newly expanding leaves, where they feed and develop in pimple or cup shaped pit or gall which is formed by the plant's response to the psyllids feeding READ MORE HERE

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